This is Dale, our 2014 Aerial Assist robot. He started off as just a concept, but Dark Matter brought him to life and turned him into the competitive robot he is today.
Aerial Assist
This year's FRC game is Aerial Assist, the objective of which is to score exercise balls into goals. Robot alliances must work together in passing the balls in order to acheive the maximum number of points.
Dark Matter
An FRC team in San Jose California, Dark Matter is comprised of students from Santa Teresa High School. Every year we compete in the FRC competition and learn new skills along the way.
About Us
Our Mission
Everything costs money, especially robots. We would like to thank our sponsors for their financial assistance.
FIRST Team #2643 “Dark Matter” is a robotics club from Santa Teresa High School in San Jose, California. It is made up of a group of students who share a common interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The team enjoys sharing their love and knowledge of robotics and engineering with their community in an effort to help the FIRST family grow. They participate in events such as the Bay Area Science Festival and Scout-a-Rama where they spoke to kids and parents about joining FIRST. Come support our team at these events!
FIRST is the organization that makes all of this possible for us and thousands of other teams. FIRST has the same goal as us, to teach real life skills to students, but does it on a much larger scale.
The mission of Dark Matter is to spread the interest of science and engineering throughout our community and to prepare students for their future careers. Everyday, all of our members learn real life skills such as engineering, time management, and software development. These skills have applications even outside of robotics.

Team 2643 will be attending the Bay Area Discovery Days at AT&T park on Saturday, November 1st from 11 a.m - 4 p.m.
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CalGames 2014 will be held October 3-4 at Woodside High School, 199 Churchill Ave, Woodside, CA 94062.